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says the polka dotted man with the stalk of jacaranda

29 September
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"mollys there too,
she hates me for no reason.
it gives me a reason to hate her.
theres times where
i wish i could just slap that bitch."

big stix, bud cort, caca, canters (not for coke), carina, cawthee, chocolate milk, chuck e. weiss, coconuts, costa rican ice cream, creamed corn smell, dead beavers, deerhoof, emon!!!, fat peeople, fishies, frank, gigantor, giraffes, gladys the fat, happy!!, hollywood hill rip, house of pies, jeopardy, kraren, marlena, max duck, miffy and friends, mini!!, mr. darcy, polka dancing robots, pretty sounding words, pretty things, puppies kitties, raad, re-re's, ruby, ruby's tofu chicken nuggets, sarah sharaf, smoothies, tara milch, tussknee, ugly stuffed animals, ugo, vampire popsicles, walrus, werewolves, zombie blowfish